Yeshua Ha Mashiach


Who Is He?

Yeshua is God in the flesh, and the name means "Saviour" in Hebrew, "Ha Mashiach" means "The Anointed" in the same vein. "Jesus Christ" is a greco-anglo name of the only begotten and beloved son of Elohim (God) John 3 vs 16.

But, What's In A Name?

The reason I prefer calling my redeemer in a way and language His mother would have called Him is because His name means something, and everytime I call Him I am being reminded of who He is to me, and I also effortlessly identify with His love; by confessing my salvation and the redemption of my soul from the debt of sin, courtesy of Him. Besides, would you change your name if you went to a foreign nation?

However, I prefer this variant of Yeshua i.e 'Yahshua' and it means "Jah Saves," I prefer it because it's not a noun, it's a verb and should be honoured as such, that's why it is above other names because it denotes an action, the action of eternal salvation by the self-existent one, through His son. Are you still wondering what's in a name? I pray for you that Ruach Ha Qodesh (the Holy Spirit) help in your understanding.

We really don't need to quote this lament, 'Oxen know their owners, and donkeys know where their masters feed them. But Israel doesn't know [its owner.] My people don't understand [who feeds them...'] Isaiah 1 vs 3, GOD'S WORD® Translation.

You need Yeshua Ha Mashiach brethren...

He Loves You

Your Soul: What's Its Worth?

'What will it benefit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his life? Or what will a man give in exchange for his life?' -Matthew 16 vs 26 Holman Christian Standard Bible.

There's something you may have not realised all your life from the passage above, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, in all His glory understood that it means nothing for Him to have all that yet suffer the loss of His bride, the Church, i.e. me and you (if you accept Him as your Lord and Saviour.) If you ask 'Saviour from what?' Well, from sin and its consequent death, eternal damnation. Pardon my frankness, but I must admit, if you refuse and/ or deny Him, you are like a wayward and/ or runaway bride, who is refusing communion and/ or fellowship with the glorious groom, whom you need more than He needs you; furthermore you cannot save yourself but He can, He is willing and able to wipe your slate clean for He is 'Pele Yoez El Gibbor Abi Ad Sar Shalom.' -Isaiah 9 vs 6.

Jesus loves you.

Accept Him?

You don't accept Him by prayer and fasting, and you don't have to confess your sins, He knows about it, He hates sin, but LOVES you unconditionally. See Isaiah 1:18

You do it by believing in your heart that He is your Lord and Saviour and confessing it with your mouth. Done! Acts 16 vs 31 and Romans 10 vs 9 - 10.

Will you confess your faith in Him Now?

Say The Words Below:

Adonai Yeshua Ha Mashiach
Thank you for taking away my sin
I believe that you died for me
And rose again on the third day
For my righteousness in You
Fill me with Your Ruach Ha Qodesh
Now and forevermore
And may you write my name
In Your Book Of Life.


Why Jesus Came
Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Welcome to this first edition of Unveiling The Glory Of The New Creation column. The teachings of God’s Word that we will be sharing in this weekly devotional will certainly put you over in life and help you live victoriously in Christ. You will discover what Christ has done, who He has made you to be, and your rights in Him. We begin our study today with a look at what Jesus did on the Cross for every individual.

The first thing we want to establish is that the work of cross was substitutionary. In other words Jesus took our place of sin, sickness, condemnation, bondage and death so that we can enjoy God’s greatest blessings. The bible says,

“He made one who did not know sin to be sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” (2 Corinthians 5 vs 21.)

In other words when Jesus hung on that old rugged cross, He was carrying the sins of the whole world.

Prophet Isaiah puts it this way:

“Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions; He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with his stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53 vs. 4-5)

You see, Isaiah was a prophet and he was speaking of the things to come by inspiration of the Spirit of God. Now over in the New Testament, Apostle Peter talks of how Christ carried our sins on the cross, making reference to the words of Prophet Isaiah.

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness by His wounding you have been healed” (1 Peter 2 vs 24.)

Oh hallelujah, thank God for Jesus. In addition to dealing with the sin problem, Jesus redeemed us from curse of the law. He took our place of being cursed so that we can be blessed. This is how Apostle Paul puts it,

“Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, because it is written, 'Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.' The purpose was that the blessing of Abraham would come to the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, so that we could receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.” (Galatians 3 vs 13- 14).

This means Jesus nullified every generational curse on the cross. Glory to God, I am blessed, Hallelujah.

Until next time keep living in victory over sin, sickness, failure, poverty, death, Satan and his cohorts.

Tinashe Tanda writes in his own capacity. Feedback:


The New Life in Christ
Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. This week we want to discuss the new life in Christ. Jesus said,
“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10 vs. 10.)

One of the reasons Jesus came is that we may have life. This life He brought us is different from human life, it is the supernatural transcendent life that makes us as new creatures more than human beings, praise God.

Let us study the words of the Spirit of God through the Apostle John, He says,

“And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you know that you have eternal life.” (1 John 5 vs. 11 – 13.)

The above scripture tells us that God has already given us eternal life, and that this life is in His Son. Wow! What a revelation. We are not waiting to receive eternal life when we get to heaven. A thousand times no. We have it now, it’s a present hour reality .It’s not a promise. That’s why Apostle John said in his epistle,

“I write these things to you that believe in the name of the Sin of God that you may know that you have eternal life.” (Verse 13.)

He wanted believers or saints of his day to know that eternal life has been imparted to their spirits at the new birth when they gave their lives to Christ and received salvation. Oh Hallelujah. This applies in our day too.

What is Eternal Life? Is it a long endless everlasting life that we will have when we get to heaven? While this is true, eternal life is more than that. It is the very life of God that makes him who He is. The Bible says,

“For as the Father has life in himself so has He given the Son to have life…” (John 5 vs. 26)

That word translated “life” in English is from the original Greek word “zoe” which means the God kind of life. It’s the same word often translated everlasting life. Think of this, the very life of Jesus received from the Father He gave us. That makes us more than mere man. We have been elevated in God’s class of being. We are associates of the God kind. In other words the old natural human life is supplanted and replaced by “zoe-eternal life.”
To be continued...

Tinashe Tanda writes in his own capacity. Feedback:


Our Inexhaustible Inheritance in Christ
Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. As a Christian I want you to know that you have access to an inexhaustible inheritance of wealth and riches in Christ. Nothing is too good for you because Almighty God the owner of silver and gold is your Father. No wonder Paul said,

“So then, no more boasting about men! All things are yours.” (1 Cor 3 vs. 21)

Think of this, the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it (Psalms 24 vs. 1) Great Jehovah who owns cattle upon a thousand hills, who owns all the birds and fowls of the air is your Father. He is the one who says if I were hungry would I ask anything from you? It means his resources are inexhaustible. Now the Bible tells us,

“If we are children, then we are heirs – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.” (Romans 8 vs. 17)

This is wonderful. We are joint heirs of God’s vast wealth and resources together with Christ. It means everything papa God owns is ours by birthright! Oh glory, it means my supply will never be cut short, Hallelujah. As a Christian you ought to be supply conscious. The bible says,

“Then shalt thou lay up gold as dust, and the gold of Ophir as the stones of the brookes. Yea, the Almighty shall be thy defence, and thou shalt have plenty of silver.” (Job 22 vs. 24 - 25)

This scripture lets you know it’s possible for you to have an unending supply of finances. It may be the beginning of a month and you are about to use up your last cash. Don’t start fretting and wondering, “where else can I get money? I have only one source – my monthly salary.” Don’t talk or think like that. That’s the world’s way of talking, that’s the how the world system operates. Your job or business is not your source of income; God is your eternal source of everything! Here’s what you should say instead, “I’m well supplied, my God supplies all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus! Never make statements like, “things are tight; I have to manage; if I give or spend so much; I won’t have anything left.” Those who talk this way inadvertently bring themselves to a point of disadvantage, because of their confession of lack.

It does not matter the economic situation prevailing in the country. Fear not, child of God, neither be dismayed, you will do well this 2016 not by mighty nor by power but by the spirit of God. Until next time, keep winning because that is the life you have been called to live.

Tinashe Tanda writes in his own capacity. Feedback:


Our Inseparable Oneness With Divinity
Have you ever thought of this, that the Father loves you as much as he loves Jesus? Or that even if you were the only individual that exists on mother earth, God would still have sent Jesus to die on the cross for you? A lot of times we think of the love of the Father for the universe, but has it dawned on you that he loves you affectionately as an individual? The Bible says so,

“Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us that we should be called children of God!” (1 John 3vs. 1)

I also want to bring to your attention that we are inseparably one with Jesus.
He [Christ] said,

“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much fruit, for without me you can do nothing.” (John 15vs.5)

This means we are co-equal with Jesus, because the life in the branches cannot be any different from that in the vine.

Furthermore the Bible says,
“But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him (1Cor 6vs.17)

We have the same spirit as Jesus. Apostle Paul likens our union with Christ to that of husband and wife and he puts it thus,

“For we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the Church.” (Eph 5vs.30–32)

We are the body of Christ, he is our head. The body cannot function without the head. That’s why the Bible says,

“And you are complete in him, who is the head of all principality and power.” (Col 2 vs.10)

There’s something we can learn from the story of Saul’s conversion, particularly from the words the Lord Jesus spoke to him on the road to Damascus. The Bible tells us that as Saul to arrest the believers, a light from heaven suddenly shone around him. He then fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him,

“Saul, Saul why are you persecuting Me?”

‘Who are you my Lord?’

He answered, and the Lord said,
“I am Jesus whom you are persecuting.” (Acts 8vs.5)

This is so inspiring. While it is clear that Paul was stirring trouble against the church, the Lord Jesus appeared to him and said,

“It is I that you are persecuting.”

Wow! That’s awesome. It tells us that we are one with Christ.

“And if children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ!” (Rom 8vs.17)

Hallelujah! It’s impossible to fail in this life because we reign with the King, we are joint heirs with Christ, partakers of the Divine Nature, praise God forevermore. Amen.

Tinashe Tanda writes in his own capacity. Feedback:


The Bible is inspired by God and everything in it has been expressed in such a way that we can relate to in our earthly lives. Whenever the scriptures make a comparison of something heavenly with something earthly then we should really pay attention to the similarities. In this context in ACTS, being filled with the Holy Spirit was confused with being “drunk.”

I actually sat down to analyze the effects of taking too much alcohol in comparison with being filled by the Spirit. Over-consumption of alcohol 1stly impairs the body’s functions, eg. Staggering, impaired vision. Drunkenness also leads to amnesia as it becomes harder to remember some things. Too much alcohol also causes deformed speech; you don’t speak as you usually do. You also hallucinate; you see things that aren’t actually there. It tempers with your reflexes, you react slower than you usually do. Oh! And most commonly it gives you fake courage and confidence, that’s why some people want to have a drink before they can do something or face somebody. Too much alcohol leads to a hangover (head aches, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue etc.)

Now on the other hand praying and supplicating in one-accord leads to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It’s also worth noting that drunkards also drink with one accord, e.g. in bars and beer halls and they have their own languages, “tongues”, they speak with. That’s why as a believer sometimes you can feel out of place when you are caught in between the language of those speaking in a bar.

Unlike getting drunk, being filled with the Spirit actually magnifies your physical abilities. You begin to speak with authority and power. There are no hallucinations or impaired vision because you begin to have established visions and you prophesy, Amen! Your reflexes are improved because it’s no longer your body in action but the Holy Spirit himself doing the supernatural through your body. After being filled with the Holy Spirit there are no side-effects, or hang-overs, but instead you are magnified, improved, strengthened; physically and spiritually. I’m still to hear of gifts from taking too much alcohol but the Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts according to grace. Some prophesy, some heal, some tongues, others teach etc.

My favorite thing about being filled with the Holy Spirit over alcohol is that instead of amnesia, (forgetfulness), the Holy Spirit brings back to your memory all the things that we have been taught by the Word. It helps us to remember the Life that Jesus has already placed in us.

So, on the day of Pentecost, those that saw could not explain this spectacle. All they could do was to conclude that these Christians were drunk because that’s the only similar behavior that they could use to explain this phenomenon. And yet how could they be drunk that early? Dear friends lets be filled with the Holy Spirit and not wine.


The way people are designed has become an impediment to great works that the Lord wants to do for humankind. What the world has done to people has put a limit on what we can achieve by faith. We just need to set our eyes on Jesus. I have realized that ‘mob psychology’ has had a negative effect on believers today. Even back then I would like to believe that people influenced each other on how they lived. Today as believers we have the tendency to look around us before we make any decisions or before we act in any kind of way.

I experienced this myself one certain time .i wanted to register for my end of year exams because the deadline was drawing closer. The whole college was in panic mode because of this registration deadline. Even though each and everyone’s situation was different; people influenced each other in a negative way. everyone was cast under the same shadow of fear and doubt, and restlessness, helplessness and everything negative. It seemed like whenever somebody said something about registration it would have an effect on each individual. Instead of encouragement there was discouragement with every move.

But then one day I took a step in faith. Instead of sitting in class waiting for updates from everybody else I decided that I should go to the administration offices myself and find out for myself what was going on instead of waiting for hearsay; and besides, my own situation was different from anybody else’s. I was surprised at what I got to find out. People were actually blinding themselves to what was actually happening on the ground. Some were actually exaggerating the actual situation, and some were actually discouraging others because they were in worse situations. When I went to the offices in faith and being led by the Holy Spirit my situation began to unravel in a way that I never thought possible. My papers began falling in place in a miraculous way. The things that I had made to be mountains began to seem like ant-hills. The power of God just began to manifest itself from one level to another. You just begin to see how powerless the systems of this world are when faced with the Power of Faith in God.

All I’m trying to say is that, as a believer don’t allow the world to place you in the same bracket as unbelievers. The word says don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers. The Word clearly states that,
"He That Is In You Is Greater than he that is in the world." (1 John 4:4b)

When everybody else seems to be worrying about money issues, you should be celebrating opportunities that are about to arise. When others are dreading diseases and death, you should be thanking God for your improving health and the fullness of life that Christ Has put in you. Don’t agree on negative things with unbelievers because those very things will become a reality that you don’t want. Don’t get entangled with the spirit and system of the world because it will affect your faith. Many believers today have the problem of comparing themselves with those around them.

Don’t set yourselves worldly standards because in so doing you will be lowering your potential. Christ should be your only standard. Just like that saying, "If you aim for the stars and miss, you might fall on the moon." Basically this means if you make high things your standard, you stand a chance to also achieve high results even when you don’t hit the exact target. Always be careful of the words that have become ‘reflexes’ on our lips. Words like ‘zvakaoma,’ ‘hakuna mari,’ ‘hazviite,’etc. These phrases just pop out of our mouths and they eventually become reality. Don’t conform to the ways of this world. Be different, cry different, speak different, see and hear different, think different. Where others see mountains you should see stepping stones. Never allow the world to set the standards of your walk with Christ. Always believe that your own case is different and that you are favored, wonderfully and fearfully made!!


He Provides For His Work
As believers we need to know that the Word of God is living and it gives life to all creation. Because it is the Word of life, it is important that we know that God’s Word and His work sustain itself. This is why the Word has been able to survive all the turmoil in the world which has threatened its existence ever-since.

Today I just want to let you know that when God gives us a task, a duty, a job; He always provides a means for that job to be carried out as well. God’s resources and His reserves are infinite. His treasury is abundant with resources ready for His ministry. God Has ensured that His treasury is accessible to all that want to carry out His works here on earth. In the scriptures it says that,

"...the work to be done is surely plenty but the workers are so few," (Luke 10:2).

So it means that God is looking for labor in His industries, there are lots of jobs in His Kingdom. and don’t be mistaken, those employed in God's industries are well paid and His economy is ever expanding and booming.

When Christ deployed His disciples on field duties, he ordered them not to take anything on their journeys (Luke 10:4). One thing that I have learned is that when the Word of God is within you and you are carrying out God's duties, you will not lack any good thing. Accommodation is provided, food is available, you are clothed and peace leads you. Even in our daily lives, whenever we seek God's righteousness before anything we realize that those things that we usually worry about find us. Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…

God could never be so hard on us that He would gives us a task and not provide the means. When you find yourself burdened with a task, you should celebrate because it is a privilege to be chosen to carry out Gods work. It should also be an opportunity to receive God's provision in whatever vocation He calls us to. People have the problem of making excuses. They speak with their mouths the things that they wish to do for God but they don’t actually follow through on their pledges. And on the other hand, many people have been given the resources but they just don’t use them for the purposes of God's work. Sometimes God just blesses us with abundant resources without asking us to do any work for Him; but we shouldn’t be like ‘child-Christians’ waiting to be told what to do all the time. There should always be an inner voice that obliges us to do God's work without being asked, this is a door of blessings.

Dear friend, never limit your visions, your imaginations, your innovation, your creativity about what you want to do for God. Never set boundaries or limits on the things you want to do for God because our LORD is a LORD of abundance and who is man to determine what is too much or too little for God. If you feel like travelling the world to spread the Word then God will provide the Visas and air tickets; if you feel like feeding the homeless and hungry, God will provide the food stuffs and groceries. Maybe you want to visit orphans and widows, God will provide the transportation. God always provides for His work and the bigger the initiative, the bigger the provision. I challenge you to challenge God today. Set your eyes on a project in faith and see if He will not provide the means. DO NOT seek the provision more than the work because God knows what is in the heart, He will not give to those that want to abuse His provisions in the name of “doing it for God”. He gives to those who are sincerely working for His cause. Let us all respond to the call of doing Gods work, for the harvest is surely plenty but the workers are few!



Numbers 13
Verse 23; "…they cut down from thence a branch with a cluster of grapes, and they bare it between 2 upon a staff; and they brought of the pomegranates, and of the figs."

Verse 28; "nevertheless the people be strong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled and very great;"

Verse 33; "and there we saw giants, the sons of Anak, which come of giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight."

14 verse 8 and 9
"If the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land which flows with milk and honey."

"Only rebel not ye against the Lord, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us; their defense is departed from them, and the LORD is with us, fear them not."

NOW, this is the time when the children of Israel where on their voyage to the Promised Land. Back then it was common to gather men of intelligence and to send them as spies to foreign lands for information gathering expeditions. This was one of those missions. Twelve men were sent to spy the land of Canaan. I would like to picture it this way; these men probably secretly positioned themselves on a hill and started viewing the land below. They saw how beautiful the land was, fruitful, secured and the people seemed to be happy and very healthy. At least these twelve agreed on these facts, that surely the land flowed with milk and honey.

On the way back to the Israelite camp, the men decided to take souvenirs with them to show those that remained in the camp. They carried grapes, pomegranates, and figs. Can you imagine, the land was so fertile that a bunch of grapes had to be carried on by two men! Wow!

Back at the camp, a report had to be given back to Moses and the entire camp of the information that they had gathered. Despite the land being so beautiful and flowing with milk and honey; the men emphasized the great walls that surrounded the city, and the fierce people that lived there. They said the men were like Giants and they felt like grasshoppers before them. That’s how small they felt in comparison. Deep down they had already been defeated in their spirit, they believed that they wouldn’t stand a chance with these people. Our lives are like this sometimes; we accept defeat before the fight. We see our oppositions’ strength magnified and we surrender before the battle.

But this was not so with Caleb and Joshua the son of Nun. These two great men saw with spiritual eyes and they refused to dwell on the walls and the so called ‘Giant’ inhabitants of Canaan. They set their eyes on the fruitful land and they imagined themselves living in that land. They believed that the high walls were a sign of insecurity, so it means they saw a weakness in these men. It takes a lot of faith and courage to see things this way. Where others see danger, you see opportunity; where others feel fear, you feel joy.

The other ten men actually sinned in the eyes of God because they brought fear, discouragement, doubt, panic, insecurity and disappointment into the camp. Their words just brought down everyone’s spirit. Joshua and Caleb refused defeat before the fight and instead they started counting back all the things that the LORD had done in the past. In life it’s important to have flashbacks on past victories. Sometimes you just need to refer to past victories in order to gather courage to face future battles. Couldn’t the children of Israel remember that the same God who parted the waters could also give them the land of ‘milk n honey?’ Caleb and Joshua saw bread instead of giants. Caleb and Joshua believed that God had showed them the land that He wanted to give them, that’s why He showed it to them in the first place. All they had to do was be obedient and not fear.

I have learned many lessons from this scripture; firstly, not to always take things as they appear. I force myself to see different, to look from another angle than the usual. Refuse to see the giants in front of you. Secondly; whenever God shows you something that you really desire to have, make sure to take a ‘token’ or ‘souvenir’ to bring to your own altar of prayer. Maybe you have been praying for a brand new car that you saw on sale, take a picture of it and whenever you are praying in your own room take a look at it as you speak to God. Maybe there is a big company that you want to work for one day, then take a business card or brochure from that company and use it as evidence when you talk to God. Or perhaps you want to travel to some country, gather maps and pictures and other info of that particular country so that whenever you pray, that’s what you show God that you desire to be there. That’s what these spies did. They brought grapes and figs and pomegranates back to the camp as evidence of the goodness of the land. When we come before the Lord we need to present something tangible if we really want our results to also be tangible. God wants a medium or channel to act upon because He is Spirit. Just like sound can not travel through a vacuum!


“therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them…”

Another version says

“listen to me! You can pray for anything, and if you believe, you have it; it’s yours!” (MARK 11:24)

One of the basic principles of the Kingdom of God is to know that there are two realms in our existence. There is the heavenly realm and there is the earthly realm. Everything that happens in the heavens corresponds with that which happens on the earth. That’s why one of the scriptures tells us that whatsoever we bind here on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever we loose here on earth shall also be loosed in the heavens.

The above scripture has two parts to it and I was glad when I realized the hidden secret in that context. Christ could have simply said whatever we ask for in prayer we shall receive! But he went on to say after receiving you shall have it. At first I used to overlook the power in this verse but by the guidance of the Holy Spirit I realized that Christ emphasized receiving and having because there are two stages to us manifesting our requests into reality.

We need to understand that there is a difference between receiving and having. In English language, receiving has more to do with something being sent to you, for example a letter can be sent to you and you receive it. On the other hand, having has more to do with actually possessing that which would have been sent to you or given to you. Let us take the scenario of the electronic money transfer or Ecocash, or One Wallet. Receiving a message on your mobile phone does not mean that you automatically have the cash in hand. You have to go a step further by making a cash out which entails confirming your identity, amount to be received, your number with the Agent’s code details. Then finally the cash is given to you; the transaction will be completed. Similarly when we pray in faith we need to learn how to receive. We need to know that God plays His part by giving us what we have requested but we also need to ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit to actually have what God would have sent to us.

Christians are perfect when it comes to asking in prayer, but we haven’t mastered the art of receiving and having. I like to look at it this way; when we receive from God, whatever we would have asked for will still be hanging in the atmosphere, its still pending. But then when we go further to have what would have been sent to us it means we need to activate and possess our request. Everything in heaven is spiritual and therefore there is nothing material in heaven. Maybe if there were material things in heaven we would receive that house directly from heaven, we would receive that car, we would receive that cash directly, we would receive those clothes etc. But this is not it, God gives us these things in the spirit and it is up to us to convert and manifest the spiritual into material, tangible things, hence “having”. It is meaningless to own a house or a car or an airplane in the spirit, its not of any use until its actually manifested in the physical and tangible. God wants us to enjoy things realistically and not just virtually.

Take this scenario for example; there are times when somebody sends you a couple of text messages on your phone, perhaps 10 messages, but you don’t seem to receive these texts until you change your location. As soon as you relocate to another place your phone becomes flooded with text messages. But when you look at the times the messages would have been sent, you realize that some would have been sent the previous day. Therefore it means these text messages were hanging somewhere, they were pending somewhere within the network. The same is true with the Kingdom of God; Christians are quick to accuse God of not replying prayers and requests and yet this is untrue. Our replies are flooded in the atmosphere somewhere, our replies have already been sent to us but because there is no network coverage where we stand, we haven’t possessed what God Has sent to us. So lets position ourselves where there is network coverage so that we get what we have asked for.

Sometimes in order to have what we have asked for we need to rephrase our requests. And also sometimes we need to change our perspective as we await our gifts from God. Changing the way you look at things sometimes influences your gift. For example, instead of constantly asking God to send you money to buy food, why cant you instead ask God not to let you go hungry and to provide your daily needs. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us but we don’t realize it, we just don’t know that it’s the answer.

The heavens have their own PRINCIPLES and the the earth has its own principles, we just need to understand this. These two laws run parallel but by the guidance of the Holy Spirit they should compliment each other. What we ask from God is given in the heavens first before we have it here on the earth.

The devil knows the laws of the earth and he tries by all means to distract us from having what comes from heaven. Have you ever experienced something like this; you pray earnestly for something for a certain period, and you will be surely praying in faith. All of a sudden you receive something that seems like it and you stop praying thinking that its God that would have replied your requests. You need to realize that God doesn’t give you something less or something similar to what you have been praying for. God gives you exactly what you prayed for or better, never less or never something similar. Anyway, if you are under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, your heart tells you what is from God and that which is not. God never takes any shortcuts and when he fulfills our requests He ensures He does it in full and in a wholesome manner.

So dear brothers, when you pray, don’t only know how to ask but also know how to receive and to have so that your joy may be full. There is a kind of joy that fills the heart when God replies our prayers and when we have what we would have requested. This joy is meant to encourage us more and it's meant to glorify God.

Lastly, it's important to give thanks to God.



May the Holy Spirit assist me to express myself well.

This morning while I was still in bed I just started thinking about prayers and how God responds. My attention was drawn to a certain scripture in Mark 11:24

“therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them…”

Another version says

“listen to me! You can pray for anything, and if you believe, you have it; it’s yours!”

It reminded me also of a story that I heard from a certain man. He said that there was a 5 year old boy who went to his father to ask for $1. Immediately after asking his father for the dollar the young boy runs outside to play with his friends. On another occasion the same boy comes again to his father who is reading his paper and asks for ice cream, just as soon as he finishes to say, ‘daddy can I have some ice cream?’ He runs again to his room to play with toys. On the third occasion the boy asks to watch cartoons but as soon as he finishes asking his dad, again he runs outside to play with his ball. Can you realize that the boy surely knows how to ask his dad but on all three occasions he doesn’t give his father the chance to respond to his requests. He asks but doesn’t have the patience to wait for a response. Since he doesn’t have the patience to wait for a response, he doesn’t have the courage or faith that his requests can actually be granted. He doesn’t give his father the chance to reply him.

That’s exactly how we Christians act sometimes. We do know how to ask but we seldom know what to do after we ask and so most of the times we ask and we turn our backs on what we have asked for. Sometimes we ask half heartedly (lacking faith). We need to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us how to wait on God and how to have the Lord's response. As humans we have developed a habit of not taking ‘No’ for an answer, especially when it’s coming from God. Of course everything and anything is possible with God but we should learn that NO is also in Gods vocabulary. usually when God says No its for our own good.

The core part of what I wanted to share today has to do with the verse I shared above. We know how to bring our petitions and requests to God, fair enough, we know how to pray but we fall short when it comes to receiving our answers. I have come to realize that receiving our responses from God is actually more important than asking what we want. Now as I was contemplating on the above verse I realized something. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that there are two hidden things in that verse and those hidden things are actually vital to our faith. The words ‘RECEIVE’ and ‘HAVE’ got my attention. Why didn’t Jesus just say whatsoever thing you ask in prayer, you shall receive and just end at that. I came to realize that there could actually be a difference between having and receiving in this context.

So I thought deeper about how we use these two terms in our everyday lives. Using everyday examples I deduced that it’s possible to actually receive something but not automatically have it. For example, electronic money transfers. Money can be wired to your phone and you receive a confirmation message but this doesn’t mean you actually have the cash in hand. You have to actually go to an agent who then processes your transaction and cashes out the money. Similarly, God replies our requests and commands us to receive what we would have asked for but then we now have to take the initiative to possess what we have asked for.

I think having/possessing our request is where we find the most difficulties as Christians because we don’t know what to do in order for us to have what we want even though it’s right there for us to collect, so to speak. As I thought about this deeper I realized that there should be two steps to receiving and having because God is in heaven and we are on earth. On the receiving stage we could look at it as if our request is hanging between the heavenly realm and the earthly realm. On the having stage, we should look at it as that stage where we have to make our request manifest itself to us here on the ground, where we possess our request into our hands, where we make it tangible in the physical. Its not as complicated as it sounds, I believe. I have decided that if it’s something that I want and I have received, all I have to do sometimes is go towards it and just do a simple act of faith. For example, let’s say I want to buy a beautiful house and I have been fasting and praying for it and it’s in line with what God wants for my life. If I have established it in my heart that God has given it to me and have declared with my mouth that I will live in it; I would get hold of the little money that I have in my hand and make a deposit on that house and God will do the rest and you will be surprised with the turn of events. And I would certainly go to that house and have a feel of what it will be like living in it. This is just an example; everyone has their own way of expressing their faith.

Lastly I would just like to say that the thing with receiving and having what we ask for in prayer is that we shouldn’t think that it ends there. We need not only give thanks but we need to ask God to bring out His purpose with that thing which he would have given unto us. I think the whole purpose of Him answering our prayers is so that we get encouraged to keep asking so that we have confidence (faith) in Him, and so glorify Him, worship Him, Praise Him, depend on Him and Love Him. Whatsoever we pray for we need to be grateful regardless of what answer we get.

God bless.


God's justice is extraordinary and supreme, and it applies to all creation, the devil included. I think the devil has taken the most advantage of God's justice in that the devil has been allowed to exercise his power on all. Including the children of God. He steals, he kills, he destroys and God has allowed this to happen so that in the end, God’s supremacy and justice excels.

One of the most used tool of the devil is to weaken us by stealing the things that are rightfully ours. Most of the times we don’t realize that something has been stolen from us until the grace of God reveals it to us. Sometimes if we are fortunate enough, we only realize that something had been stolen from us only after its been returned to us by God.

The devil also kills in order to get us off track from fulfilling the purposes of God. People usually want to associate killing with murder but I think there are many other things that the devil kills, not just people. many people have had their dreams killed, their passions, their goals etc. Killing is definitely a way that the devil uses in order to weaken us. But then as Christians we need to realize that with Jesus we have the ability and authority to resist death of any sort. Many things that belong to us are killed by the devil because we have allowed the devil to penetrate our defences. And after the devil kills, some believers have not realized that there is resurrection in Jesus Christ.

The devil's long term goal is to destroy humankind and anything associated with believers. He wants to destroy the church, the promises of God, he wants to destroy life, love and most certainly he wants to destroy you and me. Destruction brings joy to the devil and he would go to any extent just to see God's plans and His people utterly destroyed.

The devil is very crafty and he has a significant share of power to carry out his works. One of the most effective tools that I've seen him use is that of disguising himself so well. The devil knows that he cant directly come to us so he comes in a way that we least expect. He may come through a loved one, maybe, maybe through a partner, or perhaps through a neighbor or friend. That’s why its so hard to detect the devil's work when it comes through those we trust and love the most. The devil is able to steal, kill and destroy us through the very people we live with in our homes, or the people we work with or play with. It's not that your loved one is the devil, but the devil is capable of using your loved one to do his work. Don’t you remember how the devil got into Peter so as to attempt to distract Jesus from dying to save the world. Christ was quick to recognize the devil's ‘trick’ and so rebuked him


The HOLY SPIRIT showed me something really touching about the Love of God. Our whole entire being hangs on God whether we would like to believe it or not. I have come to be convinced that even to become a Christian and to be called a child of God isn’t by our own will. It wasn’t a choice or decision that we made but it was the love and grace of the Father that brought us to Him.

We need to understand that God made His Plan first before he created His children. And when I say his children I don’t mean each and every human being but I’m talking about those that He created to carry out His plan. No one has the right to ask God why He loved some and didn’t love others. Nobody has that right, God does whatever pleases Him. There is a scripture which tell us that He has compassion on who He wills and HE also has mercy on who He wills (Rom 9:15). So when GOD established His plan He also established who was going to carry out that plan. Lets take the example of a football team, let's say Manchester United for instance is playing Liverpool in a Cup Final. The coaches come up with strategies and formations that they know best to win the game. Its only after the coaches have finalized the best combinations and game plan that the coaches name the final squad. I’m not a coach but I would like to believe that each player has a unique talent that makes him different from the next, that’s why the coach draws a game plan and then picks the relevant players to place in the various positions.

So God came up with a plan first before creating the people that were going to carry out that plan. God also made known His plan; Gods plan was to unite all His people in Christ Jesus, in other words our main mission as God's children is to become exactly as Christ and ONE in Christ. Christ is our benchmark, our mirror, our standard unit, our measuring stick, so to speak.

Now the fact that we were chosen to carry out God's Plan means more than it sounds. Just merely being chosen while you are still in your mother's womb to do the will of God is a privilege that cant be compared to anything here on earth. The Bible tells us that God knew those that were going to carry out His plan, He knew them in advance (foreknew). Now how can this be? How could He Have known people that He hadn’t made? I would like to believe that God's children existed somewhere before they were created. My spirit tells me that we existed in another ‘realm’ as the ‘Word;’ this same Word that became flesh. That’s the only way God could have known us. So He knew us in advance then he placed us on this earth and we were born from our mothers.

Now, the book of Romans goes on to say that God predestinated those He foreknew. Since these special people were known by God before their existence, automatically God had declared their final destination when He created them. That final destination being Christ and Himself. In life when you know the destination to get to, you know the route or path to take and you also know the mode of transport that will get you there. If you want to get to the Americas you know the route to take, if you want to reach Asia you know how to navigate your way there. Just to use that catch phrase ,”life is a journey…!” It surely is, but Christ being the destination.

The most exciting and amazing thing that God did to show His love and grace for His children was that after establishing their destination He also called them. Wow!! Do you have an idea what it means to be called by God? Look! A destination is set in front of you, then your destination calls you, or the person to receive you at your journey calls you. It's so reassuring I think. It's so comforting. It’s a confirmation that you are on the right route. Whenever you go to some place that you have never been before, you have mixed feelings, you aren’t sure if you have taken the right street, you don’t know if you’ve got the correct address. But isn’t it so assuring when the person you are visiting waits for you at the gate and calls you from a distance. It strengthens you and you begin to walk towards that destination with a new lease of energy because you become sure of where you are going to.

And we all know that you can not call something that is nameless. For something to be called, it's got to have a name to be called by. I would like to believe that God gave His children names that He would call them by as they travel to this destination. And these weren’t just ordinary names. I think when God names something its not a matter of just giving it a name per se ,but when God names something it reacts to the name that its given. Amen. Just like when man was given the authority to name the creatures; each creature reacted according to the name that it had been given. Each creature reacted to its calling. So when God called His children, they started coming to Him according to the manner and meaning of their name. Haven’t you ever realized how your calling shapes your character, how your calling influences your personality, how your calling is your purpose? God's call becomes who we are and it determines how we are going to travel to reach our destination.

God's wisdom is infinite and the human mind can not begin to imagine, conceive or perceive what He Has prepared for His children. After calling those that were to carry out His plan, He went further and justified them. The word justify has something to do with justice and I would like to believe that God immediately judged and declared justice to His children. I like to look at it this way. Whenever God calls someone or something, he immediately justifies it, He makes it just before Him. Nothing unjustified qualifies to stand before God. But God's justification can't be the same as worldly justification. God's justification Has something to do with Righteousness. Right standing with God.
One of the scriptures tells us how Abraham was justified by faith, his faith was taken as righteousness because he believed God. So in the same way, those that have responded to God's call have been made righteous because they have heard and believed in God's plan. But it's not of their own effort anyway but by the grace of God. Since God Has justified His elect, can anyone accuse Gods chosen ones? Can anyone condemn them? God certainly won't accuse His children because He is the one who Has justified them by His own standard of righteousness. Will Christ condemn His fellow brothers that He died for? Definitely not, because He intercedes and advocates for us so that we can enjoy and be like Him. Remember He sits on the right hand side of God in power and authority.

Then finally God Has glorified His children, that glory surpasses any other form or kind of glory that mankind has ever known. Imagine the glory of Jesus Christ. Now all things work together for the good and benefit of God's children. There is a lesson for God's children here. Many people are quick to question why bad things happen, why they suffer loss, why they hurt etc. If God's children have really understood His Plan they don’t need to worry about what they shall face along the journey to their destination. The scripture says walk by faith and not by sight. Do you remember the situation faced by the Israelites in the desert? A raging war from behind, mountains on either side and a vast Red sea in front of them. They just had to keep the promise of a land of milk and honey and so they walked through that sea. All that happens to us is working to our advantage and is fitting into God's grand plan. Of course it takes faith and a lot of practice to give thanks whenever you are in pain or in trouble or facing hardships but we just have to embed it in ourselves.

NOW, The question should be, if God has done all these things for His children and His children have accepted His plan; what then can stand against them. Their victory has always and already been established. They have God on their side, whatever they may come across along their journey can not stop them from reaching their destination. They will face hard times, sorrows, pain, death, loss etc but nothing will stop them from reaching their destination in Christ. The scripture goes on to say they are more than Conquerors!


MATTHEW 19:30-31, and 35-36
..saying, Go ye into the village over against you; in the which at your entering ye shall find a colt tied, whereon yet never man sat; loose him, and bring him hither.

And if any man ask you, why ye do loose him? Thus shall you say unto him, because the Lord hath need of him.

And they brought him to Jesus and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus thereon.

And as he went they spread their clothes in the way.

The other day I enjoyed a sermon that was shared by a certain man of God about the triumphal entry. The sermon fascinated me mainly because of its approach to the ‘Triumphal Entry.’ Instead of focusing on Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem he took the sermon from the colt’s side of the story. A careful study of this scripture shows us that Jesus must have been outside of Jerusalem, a village near Bethany, when he ordered the colt to be brought out to him. I’m sure that this colt had been set aside just for this purpose on that particular day. Or perhaps it was a colt that had not been sat upon before; it's not mentioned. But my point is that, this colt was called out of the village to ferry Jesus. So obviously those that were sent travelled to the village and brought the colt backwards so that it would carry Christ into Jerusalem. Why didn’t Jesus just go and ride the colt in the village then into Jerusalem? I believe there is a deeper meaning in that event.

The point is that the colt had to go backwards first before going towards Jerusalem. But when Jesus was entering Jerusalem the Bible says that a large crowd sang hymns, there praises, they spread their clothes along the path and they sang, ‘Hosanna in the highest, blessed be the King.’ You see, I don’t think that the colt had ever experienced such reception before, even though it was for Christ. The point still remains that, the King was saving the world and he was entering His glory on a colt instead of horses and chariots. So definitely the colt was a big deal. The colt must have felt something good, it must have felt the glory regardless of the fact that it had travelled out of the village to carry Jesus then back again to the city when Christ could have simply rode it in the village then straight into Jerusalem.

Some Christians need to realize that their lives are just like this colt. Sometimes the events of life seem to draw you backwards from your comfort zone. Sometimes you look at your life and compare with others around you and realize that life has left you behind. Sometimes it just seems as if you are going on the opposite direction of where you want to go and nothing just makes sense. Sometimes you just feel like you live in your own world and you are left out. Sometimes you feel like you are tied in the same place, and just when you think you have been freed, things just become worse off than when you were tied. I just want to let you know that you are this colt. You are being called backwards so that when the time comes you will receive that glorious reception together with Christ. You have been brought backwards so that you enter your Jerusalem with a marvelous reception. You are tied because you are awaiting Christ’s call. And upon your entrance just know that all those that you thought had gone ahead of you are going to lay down a carpet for your entrance. All those ahead of you are going to praise you because you come with Christ. All those ahead of you are going to lay their clothes in front of you so that your feet don’t step on the dust. My friend, when your life seems to be going in the opposite direction, praise God, thank God and glorify the Lord because you are going to carry the Lord.




MARK 7:25-28





I am sure that most of us have had a pet dog at some stage in our loves. Dogs are awesome to have at home and I guess that’s why they are considered as "man’s best friend." Dogs are loyal to their owner and they react differently to people. It is the duty of the master to train their dog. One of the lessons to teach a dog is that it has to learn that it is not at par with its owner. A dog has to be taught its place, and it has to be taught when to feed and what to feed. It's rather unusual that the master sits on a table together with his dog at lunch or supper; or that a dog eats before its owner has his meal. The general notion is that a dog eats what its owner leaves it, left-overs.

Now in the scripture above the said woman was a Greek gentile and these people were despised by the Jews. They were considered unclean probably worse than the Samaritans. She believed that Jesus could heal her daughter but she also knew that she was of a despised race. She knew that upon approaching Christ there was a high chance that she would be rebuked but she was willing to take her chances. Jesus knew that the Greeks were frowned upon and they were the lowest of the society, compared to mere dogs. I believe that what Christ was trying to bring across was the fact that the children of God had to come 1st preference when it came to the things pertaining God's Kingdom, hence the “children.” Then those that were among the (children,) the (dogs,) would also benefit after the “children” had been served.

In our everyday lives we all know the relationships between children and dogs, especially toddlers and dogs. They are friends and enemies. You see, parents know that kids like to play with dogs feeding them, that’s why dogs are driven away from kids while the kids are eating. No parent would ever take their child’s lunch and feed it to the dogs but it's only when the child is full that whatever is left over is fed to the dogs. Well trained dogs wait from a distance while the family is eating, knowing well that whatever is left over is its own. Also note that because some little kids don’t know how to chase the dog away while they are eating, the child ends up eating together with the dog in the same plate or they lose whatever they are eating altogether to the dog. I once saw my little niece who is about 3 years old trying to hit the dog with a drumstick on the head. The dog could sense that it’s a little powerless child so what it did was simply get hold of the piece of meat gently with its teeth and ate it all. She began to cry. The dog thought it was being fed while my little nice was probably trying to drive it away in a playful manner.

Believers are like this at times. We don’t know how to stamp our authority and so we end up losing our food to the dogs. We lose our blessings to those that are under us. We lose our privileges to those that are meant to benefit from what we don’t want. We as Christians are having the breadcrumbs while others are eating the loaves of bread meant for us. The Church should have the main meal on the table that is set for it then the rest should have whatever is left after the meal. This is what Jesus meant.

But the great part about this passage is the faith and wisdom that this Greek woman showed. Her response was just so startling and astonishing. She realizes her ‘status in society’ but she can’t let that stop her from her salvation so she replies, “Yes Lord, yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs.” Amazing. This woman realizes that her tribe is compared to dogs watching children eating at the table. But her faith goes on to tell her that even though the children are having their bread on the table, the dogs sitting under the table are free to have whatever falls to the ground. This woman is saying even though I’m a Greek and a Gentile; I will also benefit whatever is left out from what the Jews are benefitting from. This Greek woman is saying to herself even though the children of God are superior in society and are the ones to benefit from the savior, she saw herself worthy to also benefit from the savior because she also lives in the same society that the savior has come to. I can give a practical example here. If the family of the house are going to have sadza and chicken on that particular night it means that the dog will also have left-overs of sadza and chicken bones. If the family has sadza and beef stew on another night, then the dog would also have left-over sadza and beef bones. Whatever the family has, the dog also has what is left of that. This Greek woman got hold of that concept and Jesus granted her what she wanted.

The problem with the Church today is that the dog has become the master and vice-versa. The Christian no longer knows his privileges, power and authority over the world. Therefore the world has taken advantage of this. The world should follow behind the Church and not the other way round. Have you also realized that the way the dog respects and obeys the father is different from the way it respects the youngest child of the family. When the father says to the dog ‘sit!’ with authority, the dog immediately obeys without any hesitation. But when the child says the same to the dog, it might not immediately obey. This is because the authority levels are different and the manner of speech and tone of voice is different. We need to really use a firm and authoritative tone when dealing with the dogs of our lives or else they won't obey us. We need to declare our authority or else the dogs of our lives will eat the food that is meant for us.



MATTHEW 17:20; For verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

(Matthew 13:3-8) (Matthew 13:24-30) (Matthew 13:31-32)



The Word of God certainly came before science but in school we were certainly taught that in order for seed to germinate, certain conditions had to be conducive. But the scriptures had already taught us this truth; the Bible taught us that unless something dies, it abides alone. It can only produce more if it dies. Here, Christ was referring to His death in order that more children of God would be born through Him. Today we shall talk about seed in the Kingdom of God.

I would like to believe that anything and everything that is in existence is and has the potential to germinate if it's planted. In other words, everything is seed in itself. My own experiences have taught me a lot about the importance of something dying (planting) if it is to experience a new lease of life. Before we are saved, we all have our own lifestyles, our own passions, hobbies and habits which are not necessarily evil all the time. Some of these lifestyles and habits are actually God given but unless we let them die (plant) in Christ, they will only exist as natural lifestyles and habits and nothing more. We are all born with gifts and talents, but these gifts and talents can never reach their potential peak unless we plant them in Christ.

Whenever you plant what you have in Christ you are assured of maximizing what you would have planted. You could be a multi-millionaire and be satisfied at that, but you could never be a multi-billionaire until the day you plant your millions into Christ. As painful and as scary as it may be, that’s just the truth. God can never give you more until the day that you give up all that you have and believe that you will receive it back multiplied. Why do you think Jesus assured people that, no one who has left their family or, houses, or riches for His sake would suffer any loss, but instead would receive more of whatever they would have left behind (Matt 19:29.) Job lost all his livelihood but when God restored everything he had lost (seed), it was greatly multiplied because he clung onto faith. That is the seed Christ is talking about.

I have learned a lot from watching farmers in this country or any other country. Believers need to kind of have the faith of a farmer. A farmer puts faith in their seed. They invest in buying seed regardless of the fact that it will grow or not. A farmer has no way of proving if the seed is genuine or fake, they only get to find out when and if the seed germinates. I remember some cases that happened here in Zimbabwe in recent years whereby unsuspecting farmers were sold fake maize seed. Upon planting they got to find out that what they thought was maize seed was in actual fact tinted-maize grains. Regardless of this, farmers still have faith that their seed will grow and they continue to plant. Believers need the same faith, always believe that your seed will grow.

Now, when seed falls to the ground it needs to fall on good soil. Be careful not to plant amongst thorns or hard ground. Many Christians today are not getting a good harvest because they have planted on hard ground that does not have good soil or sufficient moisture. Maybe you have invested your money in a company that is bankrupt. Perhaps you have bought a second-hand car that only looks new on the outside but has a severely damaged engine. Perhaps you are investing so much time and effort in a relationship that is long-dead and has no hope of becoming alive again. Be careful where you sow your seed.

Biology also tells us that time is also a factor that influences germination. Time has to pass in order for the seed to grow. Not only that, time is also important for farmers need to know the planting season. Different seeds are planted in different seasons. As a believer you need to ask God for this wisdom; ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the correct time to sow your seed. There are certain signs that come to you if you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. It may differ from one believer to another. In my own case, whenever I see people giving me gifts, unexpected blessings coming my way, I always have the “gut-feeling” that it's harvesting season and that’s when I sow seed bountifully and I take advantage of that. It takes practice and faith but it soon becomes intuition, trust the Holy Spirit.

Many believers are not patient. You need to let time to pass before your seed is ready for harvest. I know that all things are possible with God but you can't expect to plant this minute and harvest that very minute as well. You need to know that the size of your seed also determines the time of germination. I’m sure a Baobab seed spends a while in the ground before it starts germinating into a Baobab tree. Sometimes just be a little patient for your harvest.

Farmers will certainly tell you that rains are key if one is to reap a good harvest. Seeds need to be watered so that they don’t dry up and die. Praying without ceasing is watering your seed; your prayers are your rain. A certain woman I met says she sheds tears whenever she prays because her tears water the seed that she has planted on the altar. I was touched by her words. Farmers don’t just sit back and relax for their seeds to grow. Each and every day they visit the fields, they take out any weeds, they water, they fertilize their seed and so should you. Wait for your seed to grow. Yes wait! There is a difference between waiting and standing. The word ‘Waiter or Waitress’ comes from 'to wait,' which means you spend time doing something until something or someone arrives; it’s a non-passive verb. Then on the other hand to stand is to have your body in an upright position, legs straight and your weight being supported by your feet, it’s a verb-phrasal. See, you can sit down while you wait or you can run around while you wait but you certainly can't sit down while you stand. As a believer don’t just stand there, but pray as you wait for your harvest!

Now, science is advancing in major ways. the world population is growing at a phenomenal pace and governments have the tasks to ensure that their populace are well fed. New seed-varieties have been developed. There are now genetically modified seed varieties which aim to maximize output by using the least inputs. There are hybrid seed-varieties on the market, where you find a single maize seed producing up-to 5 mealie cobs per stalk. As a believer you also need to keep up with the times and ask God to give you a kind of ‘hybrid-seed’, whereby a single seed produces a bountiful harvest. Jesus Himself emphasized this when He talked about the Mustard seed; it is one of the tiniest of seeds but its genetic make up is complex and vast that it germinates into one of the biggest trees. The kind of seed whereby a single dollar note will return a thousand dollars. The kind of seed whereby donating a single room to a homeless person in your cottage will make God bless you with three more mansions. Yes, ask God to give you high quality seed.

The devil has deceived many believers. One of the ways the devil has robbed sowers is by not letting believers know the difference between seed and bread (food.) Many have suffered loss because they have consumed seed thinking it’s the harvest/ food. A wise sower in the Kingdom of God knows that the first fruits of his harvest should be brought to the altar of God as a security measure. Never confuse your seed for bread, and after every harvest take sufficient for bread and leave the rest for seed for the next season. God's farmers can never go hungry.

My friend, I can assure you that there is nothing like sowing in God's Kingdom. God's Kingdom has the best farming economy! Let me give you some assurances that God has given all those that sow in His Kingdom;

  • (2 Cor 9:10) For God who gives seed to the farmer to plant, and later on good crops to harvest and eat, will give you more and more seed to plant and will make it grow so that you can give away more and more fruit from your harvest. So here we can see that God gives the seed, he makes the seed to grow, he brings forth the harvest in abundance so that you can also give to others that are not farmers, and the cycle goes on and on. Imagine if the Zimbabwean Government would be responsible for giving every farmer seed, also the Government being responsible for making the rains to fall and the seed to grow, and also being responsible to bring about good harvests, and people just sharing farm produce. Zimbabwe would just be paradise won't it? That is what God is promising. Read also the assurance in Isaiah 30:23 and Isaiah 55:10.

  • God knows that there are some who have to start somewhere. There are people out there who want to be sowers in His Kingdom, perhaps there are from another place where farming wasn’t being practiced, or perhaps they have just lost all their livelihood and don’t have anywhere to begin. God is kind, generous and just so this is what He says to such believers: ( Isaiah 37:30) “…ye shall eat this year such as growth of itself, and the second year that which springeth of the same, and in the third year sow ye, and reap, and plant vineyards and eat the fruit thereof.” My friend, what can be better than this. God is giving you a free harvest for the first two years then you may start farming in the third. Its like a free loan without any interest charges or collateral.

  • God is God and He does as He wills but one thing is for sure, it is only He that makes the rain to fall upon the seed. In (Joel 2:23-24) He gives this assurance, "…rejoice in the Lord your God; for He hath given you the former rain moderately, and He will cause to come down for you the rain, and the former rain ,and the latter rain in the first month. And the floors shall be full…" From my own understanding, a rain season/ farming season stretches for at least five months; here in Zimbabwe we talk about (October - March). But God is saying that if He pleases he can compress the farming season into one month and you would still have the best farming season. Imagine people planting, weeding, fertilizing, receiving good sufficient rains, and harvesting all in December, just imagine that! Farmers can tell you that its not good for rain to all fall in the same month, but rain has to be evenly spaced so that the land doesn’t flood. Too much rain is obviously not good for crops, God is saying the seasonal rain will all fall in the space of a month but there still won't be floods but a bumper harvest, WOW!

  • Any farmer will tell you that when you buy your inputs you can not forget to buy pesticides. There are certain insects that feed on seed before it germinates and there are also other insects that feed on germinated seed and young crops. Worms, grasshoppers and caterpillars are examples of these annoying creatures that destroy our crops. Be careful of people and things that want to destroy your crop. God is saying do not worry about any losses that you may incur as a result of these creatures. Here is God's assurance concerning this issue;

    (Joel 2:25-26,) "... I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the Cankerworm, and the Caterpillar, and the Palmerworm…"

    “And ye shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God that hath dealt wondrously with you; and my people shall never be ashamed.”

Sow your seed in faith and you will not be let down. AMEN





2 KINGS 4:16, 17 "And he said, about this season according to the time of life, thou shalt embrace a son…"

And the woman conceived and bare a son at that season that Elisha had said unto her, according to the time of life.

Matthew 16:2, 3 "…when its evening ye say, it will be fair weather; for the sky is red. And in the morning, it will be foul weather; for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky but can ye not discern the signs of the times."

As we grow up, our senses and intuition begin to pick some things up. The body’s ‘computer box’ begins to have the ability to know some things before they happen. Or perhaps some events that happen prior always alert you of what’s coming next, it's nature.

Today I want to talk about something that is similar to this experience. The seasons of life!

Yes, life has seasons, not necessarily weather patterns but certain periods in which certain events take place. But just like weather patterns, the children of God need to have that special ability to recognize particular seasons in their lives and what to do in those seasons. The earthly farmer knows that it's planting time when the early rains start to show. Certain animals like the Bear, for instance, goes into hibernation at certain seasons of the year. People purchase warm clothes when winter is approaching etc.

I began to know the importance of life seasons as a Christian because of tithing and giving offerings. You know, investors on Wall Street in New York are billionaires because they have mastered seasons in the markets. They know when to invest and when to sell off their stocks and bonds. They know the market patterns and they make investments accordingly. The same can be said about the Kingdom of God. In my own life The Holy spirit began to give me revelations that brought about so much prosperity in my life. You see, whenever we bring our gifts to the altar, we create a vacuum between us and God. And God is always obliged to multiply what we would have brought to His House. Nothing you give God ever returns in the same measure. Look at it like seed for example, if you plant an apple-seed you cant expect to get an apple-seed in return. But you get a whole apple tree, and apples, and more apple-seeds. So whatever we plant into the Kingdom of God springs up better and more than what we would have planted initially. So I began to master the reality of seasons when it came to planting in God's Kingdom. I had to know when to sow bountifully and abundantly to reap bountifully and abundantly. I knew when to invest and I was not shy to also claim my returns in due season. You have to be able to interpret the ‘Kingdom atmosphere and weather’ so to speak. I started realizing that there were times that I would bring a big offering to the house of the Lord and it would take a while for God to return what I would have given; this meant it was planting season and the rains hadn’t started falling yet. So what did I do in-between planting and harvesting? Yes, I prayed for rain to come quick so that my seed wouldn’t die! The same One who makes the seed to germinate is the same One who makes the rain to fall. I’m not saying that I always gave God so that I would get something in return, but all I’m saying is that when you begin to have an active relationship with God, you begin to realize that He always gives you something when you offer something to Him also. And you are allowed to claim a return on your investment. Any business person can tell you this.

Then there were certain seasons when I would bring what I would like to consider as the least of gifts but in the shortest of times I would reap an unexpectedly huge return. Many billionaires the world over can tell you that there are shares that they bought from certain companies at the minimum price but those shares are now worth millions at current market value. Why? They knew when to buy. What was happening in my own case, I would ask myself. Could I have been shortchanging God? Was I stealing from Him? I later realized that it was all about the seasons of life. There are dry seasons, and so are there humid and wet seasons. There are also seasons of floods. This truth doesn’t only apply to finances and gifts but to all areas of our lives. There are also seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow. Seasons of working and seasons of resting etc. You just need to interpret the times.

I am sure that each one of us knows someone who gambles or places bets. These people will tell you of some days when they just win and it is during those days that they keep playing, and there are also bad days when they lose terribly, on those days they are reluctant to spend money. Their explanation is down to luck though; lucky days and unlucky days. But I would like to call them seasons; seasons to receive (win) and seasons to give (lose). Many footballers will tell you the same. Every player has a season when they are in form, and it's usually when a player is in form that the coach includes him/ her on the starting line-up the most. You don’t want to bench your top goal-scorer of the season unless if it's to rest him. You see, anything that we constantly do here on earth begins to adopt to this reality of seasons. As a believer, haven’t you realized that there are times when you pray for hours and your answers don’t seem to be coming in the manner that you wish and they are not as clear as you would want. Then there are days when you pray for just a minute and God answers you before you even say Amen…

We need to realize that God doesn’t change, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And God's seasons are not the same as our seasons. That is why we need to pray that the Holy Spirit familiarizes us with God's seasons. Or we need to pray for wisdom to discern the times that God wants to do certain things. I’m learning to ask God to show me what time it is, it helps in our life journey. The man of God in the above verse tells us how he prophesied about a child being born. Prophesies work with the times and seasons. This prophesy used the times of this life, this world, seasons of human life. So we can be sure that God also has His own timeline, His own seasons that are different from ours.

I think the fact that God's seasons are different from ours has affected many believers and some souls have actually been lost. So many people don’t believe in God and they call Him a liar because they haven’t seen what He said He is going to do. They say there is no God because he says He will do certain things at certain times but He hasn’t. What these people don’t realize is that, God's timeline isn’t the same as the timeline of the world. A minute to God can be a thousand years to humankind. And when He says tomorrow it doesn’t mean He is talking about 24hours later. Lets always remember that.

As a believer, when you know how to discern the seasons and times that’s when you begin to make better decisions, you begin to understand God's plan for your life, you begin to hear God's word much more clearly, you begin to trust Him, you learn to love Him, you get the wisdom to know how and when to do certain things, you get a better understanding and explanation as to why certain events happen. Basically knowing the seasons of life helps to answer most of your “WHY?” questions.

God is looking eagerly, searching for a kind of person who knows the seasons so that He may pour floods of blessings. When you know what season you are in, you wait prepared. Now, in God's Kingdom whenever you wait on God while prepared, it’s a sign of faith. God favors those that are always prepared, remember the 'parable of the 10 virgins!' Those that were ready were blessed, for they did know the exact time (season) of arrival of the groom but still kept their lamps on standby.

When you know the seasons of life, you also know the kind of prayer you are supposed to take to the Lord and the manner of prayer. Dear friend, there are times when spirits of darkness advance against you mightily. Those are the times when things aren’t going on so well. Those are the seasons you need to pray defensively shielding yourself from the fiery darts that are being shot at you, using the shield of faith. Then there are seasons when God's gifts for you are floating somewhere in the atmosphere or when evil spirits are holding back what God is giving you. During these seasons you need to pray aggressively and claiming what is rightfully yours. The devil is a thief and you need to know when to protect your property and when to claim back what’s yours. My favorite season is the season of claiming what is mine. It reminds me of my school days when we had to go to the ‘Lost and Found’ room. You just had to claim what was yours because it had your name on it. I like the season of claiming and receiving my blessings because the Word of God is your identification. You pray with so much courage and confidence using God's promises from His Word; These kinds of prayers are most powerful because God cannot ignore His Word. The devil always gets a ‘heart-attack’ when you begin to claim the promises of the Word of God; and on the other hand you get God's attention whenever you claim His promises using His Word, it's like you “tickle” God's ears.

My friend, we have to ask the Holy Spirit to make us sensitive to the seasons of life so that we maximize what God wants to work out in our lives. God doesn’t want us to live a life of guessing and wishing. He wants us to know His plans and times and schedules. Just ask for that wisdom and understanding from Jesus. The same person who made you understand the weather patterns wants you to understand the seasons of life.

God bless!!



God is so marvelous. I hope I find you blessed.

You know I just realized that when God starts working on you, there are some things that you begin to do that you didn’t usually used to do. The other day I took a different route to demonstrate my faith. I decided to do something that I ‘ve never done before. It’s said that when you want different answers then you need to ask differently or carry out some things differently.

My finances hadn’t been in order for some time; I owed people, there were lots of things I needed, I wasn’t seeding as I would have wanted, I needed to pay so many things but didn’t have any money. So this particular Saturday my mom asked me to go to town to buy some cooking oil and some garlic. She gave me a $20 note and I had a choice of either walking or taking a cab. I decided to walk so that I could save the dollar and seed it in church the following day.

I did a lot of thinking on the way back. I decided that this $1 seed I was holding in my hand was the last of my poverty. I wasn’t only going to throw it in the basket but I was going to declare my authority over money starting with that single dollar talked to that dollar all the way from town and probably those that saw me thought I had lost it. This was my way of expressing my faith.

This dollar was going to be the key to unlock my finances and I had to tell it that it was below me. I had to make it understand that he that is in me is greater than it and he that is in me has more authority over it and its other relatives told that dollar that it had to serve me and not the other way round. This dollar was my slave and had to obey me. I wasn’t only talking to that dollar on its own but it had to go and tell anything and everything that it was related to. I spoke with such power and authority.

realized that money lives. Money has a spirit of its own. Money is its own god and has its own Kingdom that isn’t our own. But then our Spirit is greater, our King and our Kingdom is greater, even the least in Gods Kingdom is higher than the highest in the “kingdom of money” I would like to believe. But money has taken advantage of our ignorance and the devil has taken advantage of the lack of our knowledge. We are now serving under the authority of money. We have become slaves to money ourselves .we have surrendered our power to money.

I believe that my dollar heard my command. My Spirit had also told me that since I had been praying for financial release; God had already released finances in the spiritual realm but I needed a key to activate money in the physical realm. This particular dollar was that key. It was that key to unlock the doors of anything that is financially related and the same key was to lock anything that was poverty related.

Money actually hears our voice and whenever we stand our authority it actually does what we tell it to do. You have to experience what I’m saying to understand it. I realized that money became obedient and wherever I went it seemed like money was calling out to me. It seemed as if money wanted to jump from wherever it was to come to me. Everywhere I went I saw money but this is not to say that the money was mine. Sometimes when you speak certain words you begin to see things that are related to what you would have spoken, this serves as confirmation that your words have power to attract or to repel.

I also had to be careful about the kind of money I was attracting to myself. I told myself that I wanted clean money to come to me. I wanted that money that was meant for me to come to me and not just any money. I also declared that I wanted money to come to me and not me going to it. I needed the Holy Spirit to help me here. I had walked in order to obtain my seed in faith, now it was the duty of money to “walk” to me, this was the rule that I established. I declared that if I would be forced to walk to money then that money wouldn’t be mine, simple!

From that day onwards I made sure that I would talk to any money that would come to my hand, whether it was staying on me or passing-by. I commanded every denomination that came into my hands to go wherever it went and spread my message. As time goes on, you begin to clearly realize that money has its own spirit guess that’s why the scripture says; for the love of money is the root of all evil.

All I want to say today to the believer is that you also have that authority and power through Christ. Money has to work for you. The power is in your mouth. Tell money to go and it will go, if you tell it to come it will come. Money also gets tired from moving from hand to hand and doing all kinds of jobs. So since Christ is the Prince of peace and Christ is in you, you should be a good habitation for money to rest on you. You should be a shelter for money.

As I developed this relationship with money I then realized that when you bring that same money to the house of God, it always gains value. A dollar in the hands of a believer is worth more than a dollar in the hands of a none believer. I began to see how the devil was robbing me, cheating me and short-changing me off my money. Even when I have 10cents in my pocket, I’m always overwhelmed with the kind of things that I use it for .you begin to appreciate and get satisfied with how your money is working. I think one of the reasons why money never seems sufficient for people is because we seek it so as to use it for things that are not in Gods “budget” or will. As long as if you don’t don’t declare your authority over money in Jesus’ name, then your money will always be affected by “worldly inflation” so to speak. You need to create a ‘spiritual Hedge-fund’ around your finances!

Dear friends in Christ. Pieces of paper that have been ‘over-valued’ by the world system should not affect your service to God or fulfilling your purpose in Christ. Don’t let money dictate your standing or status in Gods Kingdom. I liked how Jesus treated money. The system of the world tried by all means to trap him but he always placed money in its rightful place. Don’t you remember when He asked whose face was on the coin? He declared that what belonged to Ceaser should be given unto him….and to God to God…he showed that money was below him and could be obtained anywhere that’s why he commanded that one of His disciples go and take coins from the mouth of the fish! He was superior to money. If you want your relations with money to improve today, declare your authority now. Tell money where it stands and make it clear that he who dwells in you is greater than he who is in the world and ‘he who is in your pockets’. Make money your slave today; let it serve you and not you serving money.

Abolish poverty now in JESUS’ name.